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" I think it is one of the greatest advancements of the AK platform I have ever seen, and recommend it strongly."
Gabe Suarez (Suarez International)

" I must say job well done! This has been tried a lot with little success until now.  I believe it is the greatest achievement of it's kind for rear mounted optics on the AK, The Texas Weapon System Dogleg rail is now our shop standard."
Jim Fuller (Rifle Dynamics)

"Fit from front to rear was amazing. Its as if he made the mount for my Tantal". RUBE79

- "The machining and finish quality of this rail is amazing. The attention to detail is clearly evident the moment you lay eyes on it. I am truly impressed with the quality of this rail.

- The fit of this rail on my Bulgarian SSR-85 is perfect. Everything about the install went very smoothly. The front of the rail fit the RSB of my rifle like they were made for each other and the rear mount fit the rear trunnion tang with equal precision. The considerable adjustment designed into this rail makes the install drama free.

- This rail, being all aluminum, is feather-light.

- The rear locking mechanism for the rail is extremely stout. It locks the rail in place with authority. Inadvertently unlocking this rail by accidentally bumping the locking lever is not something I anticipate being a problem. Very well thought out design IMO.

- This rail is very low profile. On my SSR-85, the rail sits right on top of the receiver/dust cover with minimal clearance. Very nice.

My expectations for this rail were fairly high and Rafaga clearly met or exceeded them. I did not run into a single problem during the install and the fit of this rail on my rifle is exactly what I was hoping for. I am one very happy customer." LIQUIDMETAL

Went out and tested the rail and compared it to the krebs. Tested return to zero and overall function. Full report with pictures to follow. Overall very happy with the rail.

The cheek weld was good with the eotech and it sat low enough to make it usable vs some of the other chin weld type optic mount options out there.The sight was fast to pick up and the rail never became loose. Overall I am very happy with the quality of the dog leg and the price is were it comes into its own. The kreb sells for over 2 1/2 as much and offers the advatange of a back up sight which is only usable when the optic is off if using the lowest aimpoint ring. If you are thinking about mounting an optic on an ak the dog leg is one of the best options. MCAD3333     
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