Read complete instructions before installing this product.

Always follow proper firearm safety practices
 and wear safety gear when servicing or handling any firearm.

Texas Weapon Systems is not responsible for your mishandling or improper use of a firearm.

*** Assure the firearm is unloaded before servicing ***

Tools Required:

-Rubber Mallet

-Flat blade screwdriver

-9/64 hex key wrench

Installation Overview

1.     Remove leaf sight.

2.     Remove standard dust cover.

3.     Remove recoil spring assembly and install new release button.

4.     Loosely fit cover to rifle and adjust Dog Leg™ cover to the rearmost fitment in rear trunnion slot then tighten front tab bolts. Retain the leaf spring in place.

5.     Reassemble weapon and secure adjustment bolts with thread adhesive.

Detailed Installation Instructions

1.     Remove leaf sight.

1.1.    Securely hold the weapon in a rifle vise or a bench vise. When holding in a bench vise carefully clamp at the front trunnion area being careful not to crush the receiver. Wrapping the rifle with a rag will help prevent damage to the finish.

1.2.    Raise the leaf sight to the highest elevation setting. This is generally an 800-1000 meter setting.

1.3.    Place the point of a flat blade screw driver, or other convenient tool, perpendicularly into the central slot and near the hinge point of the sight leaf. A gentle tap on the driver with a rubber mallet is enough to pop it free. During the mallet strike the objective is to compress the leaf spring and force the axis pin out of the guide slot underneath. Wrap the leaf sight with a rag to prevent a forceful ejection and possible injury.

2.     Remove the standard dust cover and set aside. It will not be re-used.

3.     Install the new release button.

3.1.     Remove the recoil spring assembly from the weapon.

3.2.    Hold the release button in a bench vise with the spring in a horizontal position. Manually compress the spring about two inches and remove the spring retainer cap. All parts can now be disassembled.

3.3.    Replace the standard release button with the new button supplied in the box. Reassemble in the reverse order.

3.4.    Recoil assembly should be set aside for later installation.

4.     Fit the Dog Leg™ cover.

4.1.    Remove the leaf sight spring from the weapon and set aside. It will be reinstalled later.

4.2.    Lightly install the two adjustment bolts of front tab to permit the tab to slide in the cover groove.

4.3.    Attach the front tab to the rear sight block with the supplied hinge pin inserted from right to left. Do not install retaining clip yet.

4.4.    Adjust cover length to permit the rear edge of cover to set in trunnion groove. The length should be adjusted as far back as possible.

4.5.    Once the length is set, tighten the two adjustment bolts.  We recommend using a high quality thread adhesive, such as Locite Blue.

4.6.    Remove the hinge pin, cover, and re-install the leaf spring. Be sure the leaf spring is properly seated in it’s groove or the Dog Leg™ cover will not install properly. The leaf spring may be slightly flattened in a vise to facilitate installation of the cover.

5.     Reassembly

5.1.    Reassemble the weapon with the new cover, hinge pin, and recoil spring assembly. On some weapons it may be necessary to lightly sand the bottom surface of the release button to obtain an optimal fit in the trunnion slot. The button should be able to fully slide to the rear of the slot. Add a drop of gun oil in the slot for a smooth function.

5.2.    The retaining clip should now be installed on the hinge pin.

5.3.    Close the cover and charge the carrier a few times to seat the button in the cover.

5.4.    The weapon is now ready for use.

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